Finally a solution to training in the NDIS

Last year at our NDIS Delegates Conference, ASU members discussed a portable training system that would allow every NDIS worker to have access to ongoing training to pursue qualifications or specialisations in disability support.

Now on Wednesday 11th April in a room full of ASU members The Australia Institute launched its report A Portable Training Entitlement System for the Disability Support Services Sector authored by Drs Rose Ryan and Jim Stanford.

The Report investigated a system where for every 50 hours of NDIS work, you accumulate one hour of paid training time. The new training system would cover both the cost of the course fees and your paid time off to do the course.

The Report found that this training system would cost only 1c in every dollar of NDIS funding and would provide an average of three days’ training per year for NDIS workers.

This training system is a real solution to the training needs of the NDIS workforce which will mean the NDIS can reach its full potential.

How it works

  • New recruits to the sector would receive basic induction and foundation courses, to provide them with adequate skills to start their careers.

  • For every 50 hours of NDIS supports you provide, you accumulate 1 hour of training, covering both the cost of the course fees and your paid time off to do the course.

  • An average worker would accumulate three day paid training course per year.

  • The accumulated hours go with you no matter where you work in the NDIS system.

  • Workers can choose the timing and topics of training

  • All training would occur in public institutions (such as TAFEs) or selected registered non-profit organisations.

Read the full report on the proposed NDIS training system here.

Authorised by Natalie Lang, Secretary, Australian Services Union NSW & ACT (Services) Branch